Rewilding Dance

Rewilding Dance

Nourish & Activate Your Wild Genius
☆ An 8-Week Online Rewilding Dance
Journey Through the Chakras

In person: You are invited to dance in a ceremonial space between Earth & Sky that is painted with deep bass and harmonious sounds. Root into the earth, blossom towards the sun and dance your heart out.  Get your transformational groove on and dance into the wild truth temple of your body. This powerful & sacred transformational process is playful, freeing and fueled by the creative pulse. 


Private & Group Sessions:
Explore a moving meditation journey with dance, breath & sound inspired by the revolutionary tools of Kundalini Dance. Purify and activate your body's ancient energy systems in an unconventional space that invites awakening & activation. Conscious world and electronic music combined with gentle, clear guidance invite you to lean into the treasures of your natural free expression. I bring my authentic self and playful energy to every session I offer while holding a deep and sacred space for revolutionary growth and healing. 

Customized Individual or Group In-Person Journeys 

1 hr $150 // 1.5 hr $225 // 2 hr $300 // 2.5 hr $375 // 3 hr $450

Connect with me about your vision for a retreat. I can customize a journey within a 
retreat or create a multi-day experience for you and/or your group.


Embodied Goddess Program 
AliceRowan, and the Bellyfit team have created an outstanding Embodied Goddess Program to inspire, empower, strengthen and nourish women all over the world. I am delighted and honoured to be an embodiment expert for the solar plexus portion of this program. Check it out if you feel the call of the rising feminine inviting you to grow, move, play and dance!  Click here for more info. 

"To be an "embodied Goddess" simply means that you see yourself as a divine being having a human experience and that you embody this knowing to create a life that is beautiful, magical, powerful, creative, and of course, fun!"
Bellyfit International® CEO Alice Bracegirdle