The Medicine Sessions

The Medicine Sessions

Connect to the earth and sky within. The Medicine Sessions are my signature offering customized to the unique needs of your body, mind, heart and soul. 

In The Medicine Sessions we see what needs to happen and flow with the rhythms of your innate nature. I will tune into what you share, ask for and request in addition to my sensing around what could support you the most. I'll work with my intuitive guidance along with your permission and use a combination of medicine tools I've gathered along the way to offer you a unique session that invites deep nourishment, alchemy and alignment with your centre. Transformation is inherent in life itself, so working with this powerful energy can support you to move WITH the river of life on the journey of discovering your awakening potential as you dance and grow on your evolutionary edges.

My medicine satchel includes the following tools which
may be included in your session. Requests for specific
work is welcome.

-bodymind work (using BodyTalk principles)
-massage therapy
-breathwork & guided meditation 
-smudging or energy cleaning with sage, paulo santo, sweetgrass or cedar
-gentle yoga suited to you
-free dance or moving meditation 
-sound healing with Tibetan bowls, rattle, voice, chanting, singing
-Lomi Lomi  •  "to remove what doesn't belong" while bridging earth and sky in the body 
-Aloha medicine, initation practices, chanting & elemental invocations
-Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork, an ancient temple-style ceremonial rite-of-passage that invites deep remembering and new beginnings
-range of motion movements supporting healthy joint function, physical and emotional release and flexible thinking.  
-element, plant & animal spirit invocations
-safe & sacred ritual or ceremony


30 min •  $50  //  45 min • $70   //   60 min • $95   //   90 min • $135   //   2hr • $190   //    2.5 hr  • $240   //   3 hr  • $280 
Package for 4 x 60 min sessions = $320 ($80/session)       //       Cowichan Valley Outcall Fee • $50
Day or weekend intensives & retreats available. Talk with me about co-creating something wonderful.

To enjoy the session in your location of choice in the Cowichan Valley, please add a $50 outcall fee.
I am a Standing Member of the Natural Health Care Practitioners of Canada. Some massage therapy sessions may be covered.

If you need to cancel, please provide 24hrs notice so that you are not charged
​the full price of your session.   
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"Christy held a depth of presence that supported me to drop deeply into my transformational process.  She has a wonderful healing touch and deep skill.  She holds a clear space and has so many tools in her tool box.  She is one of my favourite bodyworkers."  - Leyolah Antara, Australia, Founder of Kundalini Dance

"Christy shares the deep resources of her soul, helping me to connect with this body I live in."  - Sarah Mathison, Ontario

"Christy is an inspired bodyworker who brings her whole being into all that she offers. I am always transported into deep states of relaxation by the supportive space she creates.  Christy is always learning and her work is ever deepening.  She is an incredibly talented practitioner and I  whole heartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a great massage....and so much more"  - Natalie Rousseau Horscroft, E-RYT500, Tofino, Founder of

"Christy is a truly gifted healer. She uniquely combines deep tissue or hot stone massage with sound therapy and ancient healing traditions.  Ultimately, Christy has an intuitive and spiritual approach to offering healing energy and allows one to connect to the natural healing processes that exist in every human being.  Throughout the years, I've lived in different locations across Canada, but have always travelled back to Duncan (BC) just to receive treatments with her. I highly recommend Christy to people who are ready to be guided with healing hands to a deep and meaningful reconnection to their own healing process."     
- Roseanne Archibald, Musician & Artist, client of 9 years